Varifocal lenses combine a distance and reading prescription in one lens, but rather than a visible step to the reading area (as with bifocals) there is a smooth transition down the lens. Not only does a varifocal lens look better cosmetically, it also gives a portion of the lens suitable for viewing objects at arms length, such as a computer screen or prices on shop shelves, which can be awkward to view with a bifocal.  It is more important than ever now with the increased use of computers, mobiles and tablets that this ‘arms-length’ distance is always in focus.

It can take a short time to get used to varifocal lenses but with the right type of varifocal and the advice from our qualified team there are very few people who cannot adapt to them. With the advances in technology varifocal lenses are now designed to fit into today’s modern frame styles giving you much more freedom of choice than before.

There are quite a few different types of varifocals to suit all lifestyles. Our qualified team will be able to offer all the advice you require to find the varifocal that is right for you.

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