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Mark Moore Gallery and guest curator Caryn Coleman present “Empty Distances,” a group exhibition featuring works by James Aldridge (Armagh), Darren Banks (NewYork), Sean Higgins (Coleraine), Deborah Stratman (Stevenson), Alan Warburton (Dublin), and a selection of episodes from “The Twilight Zone.” Playing on Eugene Thacker’s idea of horror as the “paradoxical thought of the unthinkable,” Coleman has meticulously composed a show that illustrates the visualization and simultaneous abstraction of the unknown. Through an assortment of drawings, paintings, photographs, and videos, the artists in “Empty Distances” delve into creative perceptions of “the void” – a nebulous space that can refer to post-apocalyptic, pre-civilization, or even psychological vacuity.

Says the curator:

shaun higgins coleraine art

New Times Roman
Sean Higgins, 
Maya Lujan and Victor Liu
September 15 – October 20, 2012

“This exhibition stems from early 20th century theologian Rudolph Otto’s phrase ’empty distances,’ and his notion that the very act of depicting the void in pictures establishes darkness and silence as subject itself. The artists in “Empty Distances” vary in how they depict emptiness, but all evoke an imagining of this post-human existence. Black metal, horror films, science fiction, scientific research, and magical realism are all influences; pulling the viewer into a speculative new world.”


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